VREV Foundation ties up with Dhiway Networks for a blockchain-based digital Governance

Policy to Action
Publicly available,
Privately purposed
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Policy to Action
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VREV (Pronounced “We Rev”) Foundation is a section 8 company (12A, 80G) that seeks to incubate nonprofits and social sector organizations focused on bridging the gap in governance through leveraging technology. Policies in the social sector have a large ambit and are implemented through various State and Central agencies. VREV will consult and support the Government in taking Policy to Action. Our consultative approach will cover Direct social interventions, Use of technology, and Policy design.

VREV’s key incubation project is to create a template for an Indian Public Blockchain. The endeavour is to create a first-of-its-kind Public Digital Infrastructure (PDI) for governance based on Web 3.0 principles. VREV’s approach as an Ecosystem Incubator will be in bringing together all the components of creating this PDI – Issuers/Vaults/Verifiers on the blockchain, Application developers / Mobility device providers, and through this – Socialising the use of governance application by citizens.

Publicly Available,
Privately Purposed

I-PIXI will be an independent entity that shall oversee governance standards, legal relationships, functioning, etc. for the PDI. The aim of I-PIXI will be to create a governance infrastructure of aggregated registries on an Indian Blockchain that will eventually serve as a template for a digitalized information backbone.


December 19, 2022

Indian innovation in governance is characterized by its ability to scale up solutions to meet the needs of a large and diverse population

December 13 2022

Understanding how India can improve welfare delivery on a Public Digital Infrastructure.

November 17 2021

Blockchain solutions are a new class of information management solutions that can be deployed to produce disintermediating solutions for governance.

Our Approach

VREV operates in the social policy arena to work alongside the government in moving its policy intent to action. With the Government’s proactive innovation Policy, we see an opportunity to create a scalable technology infrastructure for governance that will effectively deliver ease of governance to end users of government services, making the delivery targeted and of complete integrity Policies of the government express its broad intent to ensure that different segments of stakeholders in society are catered to appropriately, for the smooth functioning of both commerce and welfare. Policy intent will be broad brush, target and outcome focused at the aggregate level of the population. However, administrators translate policy intent to specific actions on the ground in line with the customization both temporally and spatially.