Governing 1.5 Bn Indians requires an infrastructure that can automate governance at the last mile making it truly inclusive. Blockchain technology offers this possibility based on a single source of trust that can disintermediate routine administrative processes and automate the interface between citizen and government.

With a ready to deploy Population scale platform in I-PIXI – India Public Information Exchange Infrastructure, we invite Governments to partner with us in this ambitious initiative. We offer a test network that can be deployed for pilot projects and be extended to production scale requirements.

VREV’s Approach

Understanding policy – Selecting a specific domain we delve deep in understanding the policy formulation, program design, implementation and monitoring

Incorporate the existing process flows into a digital architecture – post understanding the policy landscape within a domain, we suggest deployment mechanisms that can work with the existing process flows and infrastructure constraints.

Create social applications that can enable automation of welfare delivery – We will create customized, vernacular and easy to use applications incorporating the specific social context

Some of the Governance use cases we have analysed are

Easing Pension delivery to the informal sector workers enabled on a Digital Public Infrastructure

A Digital Public Infrastructure to enable trade logistics

Verification of academic credentials through Mobile digital wallets enabled on a public blockchain