Our Approach

At VREV, we are committed to augmenting the effectiveness of social policy implementation by collaborating closely with government authorities to manifest their policy initiatives. By leveraging the government’s progressive approach towards policy formulation, we aim to establish a comprehensive technology infrastructure for governance, which will facilitate seamless access to government services for citizens, thus ensuring precise and dependable delivery. The government policies are intended to cater to the diverse needs of various stakeholders in society with an aim to benefit both commerce and welfare. While policies conceptualize broad objectives and targets for society, it is incumbent upon the administrators to translate them into actionable steps on the ground, tailored to the specific needs of the population. With the implementation of technology, VREV aims to optimize this process by increasing its efficiency and efficacy.

We focus design and delivery of the intervention around three areas:


Incubating the ecosystem for Digital Public Infrastructure that is automated and individually purposed at Scale.


Producing customized applications for specific government schemes to enable the government to deliver ease of access to the scheme for individuals / families / organizations with a significantly improved quality of monitoring.


Processing of all requests for services and their delivery through rules based on Web3 logic that individually purposes, automates, & delivers 24 X 7.

VREV translates policy to action by converting the scale and context of policy to coverage that is specific, targeted, and monitored.