Dhiway Networks

Strategic Technology Partner

Dhiway Network Pvt ltd. is a startup focused on the mission to advance identification systems combining blockchain with the themes of distributed authority, decentralized governance, self-sovereign identity, and data privacy.

Dhiway is one of the leading organizations that have come together to form the Trust over IP (ToIP) Foundation to enhance the machine and human trust components in any electronic transaction over the public internet. Dhiway’s CORD is a layer-1 blockchain project designed from scratch to simplify information management, making it easier for owners to control, agencies, and businesses to discover, access, and use data to deliver networked public services.

CORD, an open-source project with an OSI-approved license, is purpose-built to support population-scale initiatives like the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Incubation and Business Services Partner

Octane Advisory & Financial Services LLP offers Financial and Strategic Advisory services as an incubator and an investor to organizations ranging from Start-Ups, Small & Medium scale enterprises, to Large Corporates.

Octane brings deep expertise in incubation, fundraising, and advisory service across multiple domains – Agritech, Blockchain, Edutech, Insurance, and aviation sectors.