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Data Science Wizards - VREV Foundation partnership


VREV Foundation (Pronounced “We Rev”) is a section 8 organization that seeks to incubate, I-PIXI, the ecosystem of a Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) to automate welfare delivery in the last mile.

Data Science Wizards (DSW) specializes in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. UnifyAI is the innovative platform created by Data Science Wizards (DSW) to empower enterprises with AI and data science, accelerating their digital transformation and creating new opportunities. DSW provides innovative solutions that leverage AI, data science, and advanced analytics to benefit businesses, customers, and stakeholders. While primarily designed for enterprises, UnifyAI can also promote environmental sustainability and economic development through social welfare initiatives. DSW’s mission is to make AI accessible to all and foster an open-source AI ecosystem that drives positive change for humanity.

Partnering context

The key elements of the Digital Public Infrastructure will be

  • Infrastructure layer – Blockchain as the underlying infrastructure serving as a source of truth
  • Application layer – Customized domain specific applications for specific projects
  • Intelligence layer – Providing stakeholders with critical insights from the underlying data that can lead to more efficient & effective solutions

Data Science Wizards will partner with I-PIXI in providing valuable insights to the governance projects that will be executed across domains.

UnifyAI, powered by DSW, can provide valuable insights for various social welfare initiatives by leveraging data. Here are some examples:

  • Poverty: UnifyAI can identify factors contributing to poverty, enabling targeted interventions to improve living standards.
  • Education: UnifyAI can analyze student performance to develop personalized interventions and support programs for academic success.
  • Housing: UnifyAI can identify patterns in housing needs and preferences, developing targeted interventions for affordable and sustainable housing solutions.
  • Health: UnifyAI can identify patterns in health outcomes, enabling targeted interventions to improve healthcare access and outcomes.
  • Social justice / Minorities: UnifyAI can identify patterns of discrimination, inequality, and social exclusion to promote social justice and equality.
  • Employment: UnifyAI can identify factors contributing to employment opportunities, promoting economic growth.

Additionally, UnifyAI can also leverage data for mental health, agriculture and rural development, and environmental sustainability initiatives, providing valuable in insights for policy decisions and resource allocation.

On the Partnership

KP Vinod, CEO, VREV Foundation –

Large scale digitization and its analysis in aggregate can inform us about actions to be taken as a consequence. This use of public data can inform policymakers on outcomes of policy and understanding the gaps. The underlying infrastructure is a platform for AI and Analytics engines to make connections from data at transactional /population scale

Sandeep Khuperkar, CEO & Co-Founder, Data Science Wizards –

Highlighted the “potential impact of UnifyAI to empower enterprises with AI and data science, accelerating their digital transformation and creating new opportunities.” He emphasized the importance of “leveraging data for social welfare initiatives, UnifyAI can help stakeholders gain insights from the data to make informed decisions. With UnifyAI's AI and analytics capabilities, we can empower enterprises and organizations to create positive change for society.